actors: Bill Skarsgård

44/50 favorite films: the lord of the rings - the two towers

"Your focus was certainly on marriage from a much earlier age, and that was of course the only option, really. In the beginning of the film they’re talking about these things. They’re talking about men, they’re talking about marriage, they’re talking about things they don’t understand. They think passionately about them every minute of the day, but suddenly their emotions catch up with their minds. I think what you’re watching in this film is girls experiencing these huge feelings for the first time." — Rosamund Pike on Pride & Prejudice (2005).


Why is the rum always gone?


"I’ve always been a big fan of romance, and I think this story kind of captured the idea of meeting somebody and then an unexpected, unintentional night, unfolding in a really pure manner." (x)

Then Aragorn wondered, for she had seemed of no greater age than he, who had lived yet no more than a score of years in Middle-earth. But Arwen looked in his eyes and said: “Do not wonder! For the children of Elrond have the life of the Eldar.” ‘Then Aragorn was abashed, for he saw the elven-light in her eyes and the wisdom of many days; yet from that hour he loved Arwen Undómiel daughter of Elrond.