keira knightley in Pride and Prejudice 

It was intentional that we would begin the episode with the loss of one Stark sword and what Tywin thinks is the death of the Stark line and legacy and end it with finding another Stark sword and kind of implied rebirth of that Stark ability to act in the world through Arya. - D.B. Weiss [x]


"Do not fear, young Peregrin Took. You will find your courage."
(Pippin casting himself into the fire to save his friend’s life.)

I’ve always found the idea of death comforting.

Immortal wisest and fairest of all beings.

Oh, excuse me, madam. Sorry, this may seem strange but have you seen a fallen star anywhere?

" […] yet queenly she looked, and thought and knowledge were in her glance, as of one who has known many things that the years bring."

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